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A topic for discussion, let a comment please

After making research on: Is it illegal to create and sell 3D models of existing real-world items whose design may or may not be protected?

as a result, I found that it's illegal and you need permission from the manufacturer to make the model because 3D digitization enters under the intellectual property which I should take into consideration

For the moment, my 2 products on Gumroad will be unpublished and not currently for sale.

This is all that I have for the moment about this topic If you have any information about this that can help me, please share it, I'll be so appreciated

Notice: I will keep making tutorials on my youtube channel, Archviz tips and tricks, and so on.

Don't worry.

What do you think about this topic, tell me in the comments.

best regards


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Justin Jacobs

If it was really "True", there would be no 3D models on any website (TurboSquid, CGTrader, SketchFab, BlenderMarket), and any other website on the internet. Most if not all companies don't care, as you are not selling a "Physical Copy" of their product. It's a Digital rendition. This has been the topic of discussion on many Car Modeling forums after the BMW issue (One reason you don't see many BMW 3D models out there anymore). However, The chances of a company telling you to NOT modeling stuff in 3D is very slim. Your Rooms Bundle for instance in my view does not violate anything, even the populated rooms, because you are taking artistic license as well as unless you are using 3D Scanners no 3D model will be 100% accurate to the real-world counterpart.

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I think you're wise not to risk trying to sell your digitizations of real world products that are still potentially under copyright protection. Even though the risk might be low that some manufacturer might try to prosecute you for doing so, you have to ask, "Is the risk that I have to retain a lawyer, and incur THAT cost, worth whatever I might make by selling my 3d renders of those particular products. Unless you stand to make some serious $$ by selling those things, I'm guessing that taking the risk is not worth the benefit. And, despite what one commenter said, that you take "artistic license" is not enough to protect you from copyright If you were making an editorial statement about your work, it might be protected. For example, if you were re-creating something to argue in court, or in the media, that 3D renderings were NOT simply "copying" someone else's creative act, and making money by selling copies, that would be different. Anyway, love the work - good luck with whatever you decide!

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Ferrari or Lamborghini made a NFT artist take down some of his pieces for sale for something similiar. Maybe if you change the name of the product you can get away with it.

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thank you for making. 😭

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