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Interior Arch viz in blender - Short course

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Intro to the course

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PART 01 - Uv unwrapping:

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Bonus video:

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Hello, Architectural Visualization Enthusiasts,

Welcome to this concise course where we explore the creation of an interior architectural visualization scene utilizing the powerful and freely available software, "Blender."

Throughout this course, we will not dive into the modeling process, but we will delve into various crucial aspects of the archviz process, all done entirely within the open-source realm of Blender. Our journey includes:

  1. Texturing: Learn the art of texturing, covering UV mapping, and more.
  2. Lighting Techniques: Discover effective methods for illuminating your scenes.
  3. Composition: Explore the intricacies of scene arrangement and design.
  4. Rendering: Get the lowdown on rendering within Blender.
  5. Post-Production: Elevate your work through post-processing within Blender.

Furthermore, in the future, maybe, we'll expand our horizons with bonus content, such as:

  • Exploring different lighting approaches.
  • Harnessing the power of light groups.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of Eevee rendering.
  • Adding a vignette effect to your creations.
  • Streamlining your workflow with batch rendering.
  • Mastering post-production using Affinity Photo.
  • Cryptomatte

Join us in this open-source journey to enhance your architectural visualization skills.

"3D model created by reference. Original work:"

Level: Intermediate

You should have some basics with Blender to start with this course, I advise you to watch the Blender Guru Donuts tutorial.

Blender version used: 4.1.0 alpha

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Interior Arch viz in blender - Short course


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